The warm and refreshing environment at the clinic will make you feel at home. The clinic has been creatively designed to reflect our philosophy of inspiring a healthier lifestyle, full of vitality. We are your community clinic and we want you to feel that we your home from home.

Departments and Facilities offered at Vitalite Centre:

Family Medicine Clinic

This is usually where your journey to a healthier life begins. The Family Medicine Clinic aims at providing comprehensive healthcare to individuals and families across all ages.

Paediatric Clinic

This is a place where our little ones of all ages can feel safe and secure. The kids will love our themed room and experience true “Hakuna Matata”. We offer full consultation & guidance on all your child’s growth & development milestones, such as body weight, height and head circumference.

Dental Clinic

Fully equipped with latest technology devices and professional team, who will cast your anxiety away, the dental clinic offers a wide range of dental procedures, including routine check-ups, fillings, as well as Cosmetic Dentistry.

Physiotherapy Clinic

Although we primarily focus on manual therapy, our physiotherapy treatment rooms are furnished with some of the best rehabilitation equipment, including shockwave therapy, laser and electrotherapy, to optimize treatment outcomes. We also use bio-stimulation and EMG feedback to provide accurate and reproducible results.


We believe that exercise is the key to a healthy lifestyle and an essential part of any treatment plan. Therefore, we have dedicated a large gym for group classes and a smaller one for personalized sessions. All are staffed by highly experienced and certified trainers and equipped for a combination of fun, soothing or high impact exercise depending on your individual needs.

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