Vitalite Specialists

Dragana Matijevic

Dragana is an experienced health and wellness coach whose biggest goal is to help people adopt and sustain a healthy lifestyle. Through her studies and practice in Serbia and Dubai, she has gained skills and knowledge for personalized fitness, wellness and nutritional programs helping her clients address their wellness and unhealthy habits, offering and guiding them through practical steps to overcome those, taking into account the present life style, personal and environmental factors.
She focuses on weight loss programs as well as muscle strengthening but also on chronic conditions such as diabetes, digestive problems and depression. These she treats through a combination of healthy, natural diet and a carefully planned exercise program she guides you through.

Dragana believes that education about health and prevention are key to help growing children lead happy and healthy lifestyles. She is extremely committed to healthy childhood development and has developed successful programs for weight management of children struggling with obesity postural problems and poor strength.

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