Hair Problems

Hair Problems

Hair has many functions including insulation, protection, sensation, and social and sexual communication. On the scalp, approximately 100,000 hair follicles exist (blondes have ~20% more and redheads have ~20% less). African-American and Asians have the lowest density of hair on the scalp. Most hair is in the “growth” phase (known as Anagen), while less than 1% of hair is in the shedding phase (known as catagen) causing ~50-200 hairs/day to be shed.

Alopecia is the medical term meaning hair loss. Abnormal alopecia results from excessive shedding or noticeable thinning, most problematic on the scalp. At Advanced dermatology, we have medical experts who are highly experienced in managing these troubling conditions. We understand your hair is important to you, so don’t wait to make an appointment.

A: There are several reasons why alopecia occurs. Factors that contribute to hair loss including heredity (genetics), hormones, stress (both physical and emotional), systemic disease and medications. A full evaluation by an Advanced Dermatology provider is important to help treat your hair loss.

A: There are many over-the-counter options available to help treat certain causes of hair loss. Simple options for hair health include vitamins (D, E), supplements (Amino acids, Biotin, Fish oil, Iron), natural products, and medical therapies (Cimetidine, Nizoral, Rogaine, etc). Discuss if these options are for you at your appointment.

A: At your appointment your provider can offer several therapeutic options to help with your hair loss condition. These include topical medications (irritants, steroids and shampoo’s), oral medications (androgens modulators, anti-inflammatory antibiotics, immune-system suppressors, etc), injections (steroids – intralesional or dermajet) and light-based options (LASER, over-the-counter light therapy). A plan with your provider to tailor to your needs will be made at your appointment.

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