Family Medicine

  • General services for all ages

A family physician can be the right answer for most healthcare situations, from sudden flu symptoms, nagging back pain, an unexpected rash to chest pains and chronic conditions.  While family physicians are the first line of contact for patients and the most visited specialists in countries with very mature healthcare systems across Europe and the US, there is unfortunately a lack of awareness as to their importance in Dubai and the integral role they play in your wellbeing and that of your family. 


  • Chronic conditions

Thousands of people each year struggle to manage their chronic illness. It’s difficult enough to live with a chronic illness like diabetes, lung diseases, congestive heart failure, arthritis, or asthma. Everything might get overwhelming when you don’t know who to turn to for help controlling your symptoms. Our family medicine practitioner, can assist to alleviate your concerns and make health care more manageable. The best approach to look after yourself is to take charge of your health and work closely with your doctor.


  • Well woman – Well man health checkups

Regular health examinations and testing can aid in the early detection of diseases. They can also help identify problems early, improving your chances of a successful treatment and recovery. Our well man and well woman checkups and tests are customized to your age, health, family history, and lifestyle choices including nutrition, exercise, and smoking.


  • Smoking Cessation Clinic

Tobacco is the largest preventive cause of mortality in the world today.

Nicotine addiction, like all other illnesses, medical illnesses, and chemical addictions, is classed as a relapsing chronic condition that typically need continuous medical therapy. Many smokers will only be able to quit smoking and be smoke-free for a lengthy period if they receive professional treatment and management training for their nicotine addiction. Individual counseling and medications have been shown to be beneficial in smoking cessation therapies. The use of a combination of face-to-face counseling and smoking-cessation drugs can practically boost a person’s odds of stopping smoking

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