Pre and Post Natal Classes

Being pregnant is a very exciting time in any women’s life and brings about many emotions and concerns. Also, being in Dubai, sometimes means that there is not always the support structure to help as there would be at home. That is when you can lean on our team of midwives and nurses to help

The Pre and Post Natal clinic is highly specialized clinic dedicated to women with obstetrics and gynecology needs in a primary care facility. These services will ensure comprehensive prenatal care in the clinic and at home, provide all necessary prenatal testing and can also give you a guide on your choice of birthing facility.

Our expert pre and post natal will assist and teach you on topics such as:

• Breastfeeding,

• Care for your self during lactation

• Basic newborn care and advice

Furthermore, the clinic will be providing classes to enhance a tailored compassionate care according your specific needs and will empower you to create the birthing experience that would be memorable to you.

For more detailed approach, please click on one our services Pre and Post Natal Classes to give you a better direction on our program.

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