Swing Yoga

Yoga is the Sanskrit word for “union”. By practicing both spiritually and physically, yoga uses breathing techniques, exercise and meditation. It helps to improve overall health. There are many types & form of yoga.

Hatha Yoga, meaning ‘forceful’ in Sanskrit, Hatha Yoga is designed to align your body, mind and spirit. Ideal for beginners, Hatha classes help you build flexibility and strength while also reducing stress. Thanks to its natural slow pace, Hatha allows you to learn pose alignment at your own pace, while avoiding injuries.

Vinyasa Yoga, meaning ‘flow’ in Sanskrit, Vinyasa Yoga teaches you to align the movement of your body to your breath. While Vinyasa Yoga uses similar poses to Hatha Yoga, it is faster-paced and focuses on increasing body heat, building core and improving strength.

What class should I attend?

Both practices are beneficial, and necessary to a well-rounded yoga student. They each respond, in their own way, to your body and mind’s various requirements.

We recommend you regularly alternate between each practice.

Swing yoga is a form of yoga that uses hammocks and swings, supporting full body weight.

It allows you to perform poses that would normally considered difficult, for longer periods of time, and ideal practice if you are experiencing back and joint pain, it combines traditional yoga postures, with elements of pilates, acrobatics and dance. It will also help you strengthen core, as well as improving flexibility and posture.

Prenatal yoga

Focusing on helping you develop proper breathing, strength and flexibility, prenatal yoga is a practice dedicated to supporting expecting mothers. It is based on relaxation methods and poses developed specifically for pregnant women.

Why should you attend prenatal yoga classes?

On top of helping you to further connect with you growing baby, prenatal yoga helps you build strength, and stamina while avoiding unnecessary stress on the body.

It can also relieve you from common pregnancy aches and complaints such as morning sickness, sciatica and poor circulation.


Finally, it will also give you the support from a community of like-minded mothers-to-be, looking forward to encouraging you and supporting you in your pregnancy journey.

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