Wellness Programme - Vitalite

This is a personalized program where you will learn how to eat healthy and live a balanced lifestyle that includes 4 coaching session once each week for 1 month, Once you schedule your first session a fill out questionnaire will be sent to you via email to fill it out to know more about you and to assess your current lifestyle so that individualised programme can be prepared for your first session.


In our first session we will talk about your goals ( nutrition – physical activity – behavior goals ), uncover the areas in your life that need more balance and attention and then we will address the challenges that are preventing you to reach these goals. Together we will set a plan for the whole week including an exercise program that is easy to access whether you feel like working out at the gym or home . Then, after our first session there will be a follow up through WhatsApp on a daily basis. We will check on you to see if your following the goals we set and the exercise program that is designed for you.


Motivation and support will always be given and we will walk with you every step of your journey so you can reach your health goals. In the follow up sessions, we will continue to meet once a week and talk about your progress, set new goals if we have to and change the exercise plan. During the session i will educate you on proper nutrition and on any topic you want to know about related to fitness and nutrition because at the end i want you to have all the knowledge and information so you can rely on your own.


The Program Includes:

  • 4 telephone or in person Coaching session ( each session 40 minutes to 1 hour)
  • Grocery List
  • Customized Exercise program
  • Food and meal planing
  • Follow up between session via whats app
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